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Coming Soon... a guide to help you establish good habits to develop a relationship with God

Book 1

Developing A Personal Relationship With God: The Beginning

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do you feel lost, disconnected, and unsure of your purpose?

do you know of God but desire to experience a closer relationship with Him?

is there an internal void you're looking to fill?

are you new to Christianity and looking for a starting point to begin developing a relationship with God?

do you want to be connected to God and no longer feel seperated?

Developing a relationship with God is a start to new life, change, and transformation.

If you're looking to build a relationship with God, this book contains valuable information that can help. It offers guidance on how to establish healthy habits to grow in your relationship with God. Moreover, it provides practical steps for you to take and implement what you learn.

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  • learn to develop a good habit of spending time with God

  • learn to be consistent and faithful

  • gain knowledge on how to navigate challenges when you find yourself struggling

  • learn to implement sound biblical principles

  • receive practical tips to begin establishing a relationship with God

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This book is intended for individuals who are committed to growing in relationship with God. It covers a select number of topics that will aid you in beginning your journey, but it is not a comprehensive guide to Christianity. Reading this book can provide guidance however it is crucial to consistently pray, seek God's presence, apply the principles, be still, and listen for answers. Are you ready to learn and grow? Be sure to subscribe to know when the book is released and available for purchase.

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this book IS for you if...

  • ​you don't know where to begin in developing a relationship with God

  • you're new to the Christian faith

  • you're returning unto the Lord God

  • you desire to develop a personal relationship with God

  • you want to learn & implement good habits to grow in your relationship (doing your part & allowing God to do his)

Design Book

this book is NOT for you if...

  • you are no longer a babe in Christ & walk in spiritual maturity

  • you have no desire to be in a personal relationship with God

  • you are unwilling to take the steps towards growth, change, healing, & becoming knowledgeable about God

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