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Is my health a priority?

Am I eating according to God's way in this season? Am I eating whole foods or processed foods regularly? Beloved, Many of us struggle (myself included) with making our health a priority because of the demands of life and various other reasons. Some of us take care of others first and fail to remember that we also need nourishment to sustain us through the journey of life. We give all to others but leave very little for ourselves. This must change if we’re going to walk in the calling God has for us and have the strength to stand. We must also examine ourselves and face the issues of addictions, unhealthy habits, and the relationship we have with food. Am I eating just to eat or because it provides comfort? Am I eating because it tastes good and consuming more than the body needs? Or am I eating what the body needs to be able to endure this season and the seasons to come? I don’t know what it is for you… but snacks and sweets are troublesome for me! While you may have a different area of struggle, we all must ask God for help to overcome addictions and create healthy habits with food. Don’t be afraid to ask the Lord, what he desires for you to eat in this season. Ask Him to reveal the specific areas you need to work on (as it may differ from someone else). We must strive to please God by being obedient to his instruction and way of living. We also must believe and trust the change God desires to do in and through us, is for our good. Beloved, will you establish healthy habits according to God’s plan for your life? Or will you keep doing it your way? Or the world’s way? It’s your choice… what will you decide? Additional scriptures: Psalm 18:32, Isaiah 26:4, Matthew 7:7, 2 Chronicles 20:4, Jeremiah 29:11

LWR 12/19/22   V1.1

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