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Call to fast

Beloved, Is God calling you to fast during this season? Do you ever find it interesting how God calls us to fast during the holidays? It came to mind that maybe it’s more for our good than we know or can see. I don’t know about you… but sometimes I will overindulge and cross the threshold of taking in more food than my body needs at every meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) during the holidays. While we still can participate in eating delicious foods with our families during the holidays, maybe God wants us to be aware and mindful of our portions and discipline ourselves not to go beyond our body’s capacity. Remember the scripture tells us the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19). Pace yourself and let’s enjoy the holidays while also being obedient to God, our creator, the one who gives us life! Before going too far… stop and ask yourself… will this fuel my future? It’s your decision… what will you choose?

LWR 11/22/22   V1.1

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