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showing the love of Jesus through simple acts of compassion to others in diverse ways

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applying God's commands is essential for His daughters to fulfill their divine purposes

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providing tangible resources, labor of love & support to meet the needs of others

True Compassion is Love in Action!


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Boxing Session

Are you struggling with your identity in Christ Jesus? Do you desire to be strengthened in this area? By meditating on God's word & using I AM statements, we as believers can overcome the identity challenges that many of us are facing.

Developing a Personal Relationship With God: The Beginning  ​Are you new to the faith? Seeking to renew your relationship with the Lord? Or longing for a deeper connection with God to fill an internal void? This book offers a starting point for developing a personal relationship with your Creator, God.


As followers of Jesus Christ, it is important to cultivate our faith by engaging in training that focuses on righteousness, upright living, and developing a Christ-like character.  When we first begin our faith journey, there is much to learn and we need to be taught.  Strengthening our spiritual muscles is essential to fulfilling God's call and purpose for our lives. Through our training, we are prepared to move from one level of faith to the next and from one level of glory to another.

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